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Indonesia is generally known as one of the main suppliers of spices such as: galangal, ginger, turmeric, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla and other spices to the global market.


Vanilla is the aroma produced from vanilla pods. Vanilla fruit itself is produced from several types of orchid plants from the Vanilla genus. There are three types of orchid plants that are the main source of vanilla in the world, namely Vanilla planifolia, Vanilla tahitensis, and Vanilla pompona.

Vanilla usually consists of small, long, slender seeds contained in long pods. Vanilla pods are the part that is generally used in the food industry after processing. Vanilla provides a distinctive sweet and aromatic taste, often used in ice cream, cakes, or drinks such as "Vanilla" coffee.

Indonesia is one of the best and largest exporters and producers of vanilla in the world, after Madagascar and France based on 2019 data. Indonesian vanilla is known to have good quality with a strong and distinctive aroma. Several regions in Indonesia, such as Bali and Java, produce vanilla with a rich taste and strong aroma. However, the quality of vanilla can vary depending on various factors such as climate, growing techniques, and processing methods. But in general, Indonesian vanilla is known to have quite good quality and is in demand by several markets.

If you are interested in using Indonesian Vanilla as a mixture for your food, you can buy it at www.plazakoperasi.com. We collaborate with cooperative organizations of vanilla farmers' associations in Indonesia. We support vanilla farmers to continue developing their products.

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