Plaza Koperasi

supporting the progress of Indonesian cooperatives


Making Indonesian products the leads of the world market.


Helping MSMEs towards global markets by providing digital solutions and supporting sustainable growth

About Us

Plaza Koperasi is a marketplace that supports Indonesian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to reach the global market. We are proud to present Plazakoperasi which is committed to being the main driver in raising the image and quality of Indonesian products in the world.

Company History

Since its founding in 2022, PT Zhafi Jaya Makmur (holding of the plaza koperasi) has played an important role in changing the Indonesian MSME business landscape. We understand that the success of MSMEs is the key to the country’s economic sustainability. So PT Zhafi Jaya Makmur, always try to make plazakoperasi can being the leader in support SMES in Indonesia

Products and Services :

PlazaKoperasi Platform

Plazakoperasi is the leading platform that unites MSMEs with the global market. With advanced features, such as digital marketing, inventory management and logistics, we empower MSMEs to compete at the international level.

MSMEs Assistance

Apart from technology, we provide direct assistance to MSMEs. Our team of experts is ready to guide you in business strategy, product development and global market navigation.

Value of the company :

  1. Quality First: We place quality as the main element in everything we do, to support a positive image of Indonesian products.
  2. Sustainable Innovation: We continue to encourage innovation so that MSMEs can continue to develop and adapt to market changes.
  3. Strong Partnerships: Strong partnership relationships with MSMEs, partners and customers are the key to our success.


Address     : Buana Bintaro Lestari blok A1, Jl Masjid At tauhid, Kedaung, Pamulang, Tangsel,Banten, Indonesia 

Phone/wa : +6287840053093 

Email        : by avi darwis

Together, let’s realize the vision of “Making Indonesian products the leads of the world market” with Plazakoperasi and PT Zhafi Jaya Makmur.