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The export opportunity for banana leaves is quite large. Meanwhile, production in Indonesia is also quite abundant. The Ministry of Trade said that from year to year exports of banana leaves from Indonesia continue to increase. In 2018, this publication stated that Indonesia exported 7,905 tons of banana leaves or had an export value of $4.2 million or 6.5 trillion rupiah.

Banana leaves have a lot of economic value. Japan needs banana leaves to cover the large domestic demand. Japanese people need banana leaves to be used as an ingredient in cooking. Including using it as food wrapper, decoration and material for making ikebana or the art of flower arranging. If usually this art is made using various kinds of flowers, plants and grass, now this art is made using banana leaves.

Banana leaves in Australia are also used as an alternative to plastic packaging materials which are very difficult to decompose. Some of them include food packaging, disposable equipment. Many products such as bags, wallets, hats, photo frames are made from banana leaves. Its market share is increasingly popular because it has a distinctive style and uniqueness. No less important, in Australia banana leaves are extracted and then made into raw materials for cosmetics and facial care. This is because the content in banana leaves is good for skin health.

Similar to Japan and Australia, Saudi Arabia and Germany also need banana leaves to be used as environmentally friendly food wrappers. Banana leaves are also famous for their benefits, such as treating skin problems and preventing heart disease. also provide buyers with this product. also sell banana leaves for many needs of buyers. We collaborate with cooperative organizations of Banana farmers' associations in Indonesia. Just click the product on our marketplace, then we will send the product to your address, happy buying!

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